ERROR: Directory ‘/some/path’ exists but failed copying to ‘/some/other/path’

An error like this prevented my Jenkins build from completing. It was not a permissions issue. Jenkins was not configured with a master and slave.

My ‘/some/path’ source folder was empty.

In this case, PHPDox was failing silently and not outputting files. Another step in the build tried to move those files, but they didn’t exist so the build failed here. Fixing the malfunctioning build step (PHPDox in my case) resolved the issue and build 100% succeeded on the next try.

  • Martin Buchmayr

    Can you tell me how you fixed it?

    • admin

      If I remember correctly, it was a permissions issue. I was running this in a Ubuntu 12.04 machine with Virtual Box. The user that Jenkins was running as didn’t have permission to write to the folder that PHPDox was configured to output files, so it stopped, and Jenkins reported the error that this post is titled with, without a clear hint that it was an issue with PHPDox phase of the build. Some chmod or chown commmands took care of it.