Achievers Tech Talk – Social Product Design Tips from Facebook

These are my long lost notes from the presentation. They are missing lots of context.

Why be social?

  • We talk to help
  • We talk to craft our identity like Rap Genius founder
  • We talk to build relationships over time
  • The amount we share is proportional to the value of sharing


  • Identity is multifaceted. Different apps and people show different slices of life.
  • Audiences inform content. You say different things to different people. A more specific the audience = more filters

Things Facebook notices

  • We choose pictures over words
  • Lightweight communications like Yo
  • Objective based networks like Nike+
  • Pick the right medium for what to communicate.
  • Augmenting offline experiences like matching blood donor s and AirBnB
  • Info about people traveled faster than people


  • Get inspired by Urban Planning books. Courtyard and cities are the social network
  • Check Munk Debates for an interesting debate between Alexis Ohanian and some dude from the CIA on surveillance

Social Product Design Tips from Facebook

Wednesday, Jun 18, 2014, 6:00 PM

Achievers InCenter
190 Liberty Street Toronto, ON

140 Members Went

What do the best social apps have in common? They understand how people communicate with each other and develop technology to better facilitate these natural interactions. Facebook has built and enabled some of the most powerful social apps in the past decade and in the process gained a better understanding of human behavior and where technology ad…

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