Web Performance Toronto


Toronto WebPerf Meetup July 18, 2014

Organized by Barbara Bermes. Hosted at EventMobi. Blake Crosby talked about Google Page Speed.

  • The Insights web application is good for testing out lives sites (yours, and those of others)
  • The Chrome plugin is good for testing your in-prgoress sites while offline/not publicly accessible, and appears in Chrome’s dev tools
  • The Apache and nginx Page Speed modules are great for speeding up existing websites and can be enabled/disabled on a per-vhost basis
  • The API could be good for integrating a speech check into a build process

Other similar tools include:

Blake showed that the top 4 sites in Alexa’s rankings (Yahoo, Google, Facebook, YouTube) all had Page Speed Insights rankings above 97%. Just for kicks, here’s a few lower ranking sites:

Alexa Rank URL Insights score
19 Sohu.com 70%
21 Yandex.ru 75%
22 vk.com 85%
23 bing.com 89%
24 wordpress.com 86%

He also talked about how SPDY and HTTP2 protocols are different and better than HTTP. Slides are here

Shalom talked about keeping a front-end codebase neat and tidy

  • Try custom icon fonts (see Font Awesome)
  • Try Object Oriented CSS
  • Did you know that browers still animated gif when they are off-screen? It’s safest to take your spinny activity indicator gifs out of the DOM when they aren’t needed