Cobi & Taplytics @ BitMaker Labs Group Meetup

Cobi Druxerman from Taplytics presented his company’s software and answered questions about startups, products, and A/B testing at Bitmaker Labs.


  • Retention – how many users stick around, use more than once
  • Engagement – how often users come back
  • Analytics – raw data, graphs charts
  • A/B testing – a framework to make sense of raw data

Analytics & A/B Testing

Mobile apps suck in general. Cobi’s stats are:

  • 2.3% retention rate past 30 days, even after spending $1.80 to acquire a user
  • 74% shopping cart abandonment rate

Some improvements Taplytics has helped apps make:

  • Changing an “Add to wish list” button into an underlined link increases clicks on neighbouring “Add to cart” button, increasing sales by 37%
  • Implementing Google Plus sign-in increased sign-ins by 150% over email, Facebook connect, Twitter sign in
  • Shopping Cart checkout processes – smoother flow with less next buttons and back buttons makes things better


  • How many users needed to run a test? Maybe 1000 conversions per test, hard to say. Depends on many factors
  • Running tests or making data based decisions? Check your data about once a week and make changes. Probably don’t need to wait longer

How to prevent users from being confused by frequent changes to an app while running A/B tests?

  • Once Taplytics software decides a user is going to receive baseline or variation version of an asp, they will see that version until a test is over.

Other stuff

Taplytics in action:

Introduction to Analytics and A/B Testing with Cobi Druxerman of Taplytics

Thursday, Nov 6, 2014, 6:30 PM

Bitmaker Labs
220 King Street West, Suite 200 & 300 Toronto, ON

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