CreateInTO February 2015 – Gathering v20.0 – The Building Things Edition by Patrick Schroen

  • ever stream music from your home NAS to speakers in bar via a cellphone tethered laptop? Patrick Schroen does!

  • is a framework to use js to make devices chat with each other, a server and IDE to run and edit nodejs scripts from anywhere.

  • Chrome is the only browser that allows web socket connections over unsigned ssl connections.

  • Raise the Pride (an installation with an actual flag which raised and lowered via electric motor according to sentiment on Twitter) was Patrick’s first production use of the script. Big success.

Wattage with Peter

Sweet preview of stuff to come! The content we saw is now on the company website. The goal is to become the Github + Esty of hardware.

Gathering v20.0 – The Building Things Edition

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015, 7:00 PM

159 Augusta Avenue Toronto, ON

87 Creators Went

Join us at Handlebar for our monthly gathering of creative developers, designers, hackers, makers and more. This month we look at projects that connect the web with the world and that aim to make hardware development even more accessible.Patrick SchroenHeadless Web Part 2: #RaiseThePride Under the Hood Patrick will take us through a framework h…

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