Toronto Web Performance Meetup – March 2015

EventMobi hosted us.

A Performance Bookmarklet by @micmro

slides and code

Check these out:

other neat bits

  • there are browser APIs for getting timing info about page loads
  • there is a http header for getting timing info in cross-domain requests
  • opening Chrome Dev tools can impact performance testing – for example slower load times due to downloading source maps
  • image caching images probably impacts results that these bookmarklets report, so be aware of whether caching is happening or not when looking at results

How to use ImageMagick by @newtron


  • using responsive images well means generating lots of different sized images source art
  • ImageMagick is a command line tool available on many web servers that can help with resizing images, but it is horrible at optimizing images out of the box
  • Dave spent a ton of time testing out different compression & optimization settings to find the best balance
  • Dave integrated his findings into grunt-respimg, a Grunt task you can integrate in your build system

A Performance Bookmarklet (Tutorial) & How to use ImageMagick

Wednesday, Mar 18, 2015, 6:30 PM

243 College St, 3rd Floor Toronto, ON

35 Members Went

Hello #towebperf friends,here is the excellent lineup for our March meetup with two of our loyal members speaking:1. Tutorial: How to build a handy performance bookmarkletEver found yourself in a meeting having to quickly pull some performance characteristics of a website or web-app? Or do you go through the same manual steps to get specific dat…

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