Toronto May 2015 JS Tech Talk Night

  • ever try fuzzing a compiler?
  • ever try generating random programs?
  • transpilers are fun
    • coffeescript lets write JS that you usually can’t write
    • babel lets you write JS the way we eventually all will
  • watch (or don’t watch) The Room

May Tech Talk and Rise of the Transpilers Panel

Thursday, May 21, 2015, 6:30 PM

Lighthouse Labs (HIGHLINE Office)
639 Queen St W Toronto, ON

74 Members Went

It looks like our last Tech Talk Night managed to warm up the city and you can all thank us for the awesome weather that we’ve been having! We have another hot event lined up for you this month with a JSConf speaker and a panel of JavaScript experts.We would like to thank Lighthouse Labs for sponsoring the event: Lighthouse Labs has reimagined th…

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